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Ruth asks…

Been gone awhile from WOW…?

I am a level 72 orc warrior, all of my talent trees have been reset and it is asking me to pick a specialization between arms, fury, and protection. I am mostly interested in spec building at this point. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do and what build I should continue with?

wow answers:

The new talent trees force you into one tree until you spend 31pts in that tree then you can start spending the points in other trees. So it all comes down to gameplay preference.

If you like Hitting really hard with a 2h weapon go Arms

If you like faster style of game play go Fury

If you like tanking then roll Prot.

Donna asks…

Need help with my Warlock on WoW?

Well I have a lvl 80 warrior but i decided to lvl up a warlock. I really don’t know a lot about them so what stats should i be looking at with a warlock – (stamina, intellect? ect) also – I havent decided for a talent tree yet. Which would be more beneficial when i get to lvl 80 raids? thanks for the help and info

wow answers:

You really shouldn’t worry too much about what’s best for raiding at this point (though the answer is either affliction or destruction – demonology is currently gimped for some reason).

You can level fine as any of them — just pick the one you enjoy the most. For me, it’s affliction.

Yes, definitely int and stam are all you need to worry about for leveling.

Nancy asks…

If you could Make your very own MMORPG the way you wanted it… What would it be like?

Mine would, be sorta like afro samurai graphics, although it would be sorta like a ninja samurai online game sorta like an awesome online version of naruto but i would call it something like world of the warrior or warrior world or something like that…

It would be like wow in the way there is a whole world and the only way your game starts going into new areas and stuff would be PVP and Instances… But the instances wouldnt be like wow instances… where theres a tank and shit… it would just be like skills… I would make the game like a mix of fighting but you control your fighting with combos and your own three talent trees, one that deals with physical combat with either martial arts or ninja or samurai one that deals with magic with healing, illusions and or elements and one that deals with summoning. The fighting style of the game wouldnt be like wow where you run up to a boss or a person and you just press one and two or whatever… it would sorta be like that for everyone but also different like assasins creed and ninja gaiden where you can use combo’s and grabs and stuff for pvp although for instances and killing mobs and shit it would be like running up and just normal sorta killing but you would still need to do combos and shit so its not a normal mmorpg where you just click the same three buttons over and over…
I would also make it that you can completely customize your self with new gear as well like in wow although i would make all the gear cloth and meadium armor, no plate mail so it suits the ninja and samurai style… It wouldnt be one of those typical asian games too where its like fully asian graphics and stuff but more along the lines of assasin creed, afro samurai, and naruto rise of the ninja, also when running around i would make it so you can run really fast and climb any mountain or building like assasins creed but do it more faster and ninja style. I would also make mounts like in most mmorpgs these days although you can also increase your running speed and stuff so mounts would only be used for lower level characters but when higher you can run really fast when you choose too and or jump off trees and shit like in naruto…. With the killing… i would have it so depending on how you kill the mobs or real life people they would get cut in half or have exploding limbs or whatever depending on the types of magic or samurai swords you use… so its not like every mmorpg but actually has some gruesome things.. i would still make the nice pretty land scapes of the main towns and stuff… also there would be three four factions to choose from, water and storm which would be together, and nature and sand which would also be together although depending on which one you start with you get different racial skills and start in each differnt town. The main town would be a huge city type thing with no pvp allowed in the whole area or town as well as you are allowed to enter that area with being in any faction. The language would be the same for all factions, although adding a person from a different faction would not work neither would using a personal message. Also flying mounts would also be in although you can get them at a certain level for free in any skill tree
pvp would be a mix of skill and gear although mostly skill… although with a person 10 lvls higher than his opponent it would be obvious that the higher character would win…. There would be quests and pvp to level your character, although if the pvp cap was 25 for this type of battle ground and your 25 you couldnt lvl anymore from that battle ground. the quests would be attainable from heaps of people in random towns and people among your own town but you would mostly get all your quests from your town leader and leaders subordinates… although to stop a mass spam of people in one area you can only get quests from NPCs for your level ground e.g. if you were say a lvl 50 ish you could get quests from the towns leader, although if you were a lvl 20 you could only get quests from a group vice captain or something… you could also get quests from your factions allies e.g. if you were on the nature group you could get quests from the sand group although if you went to the water group the guards would attack you… you would also get most of your quests from your town you started in making it one of the main towns for you also making sure you would protect your city because of raids on it from other nations.

Really long i know but after i started writing i started thinkgin of other things to add XD But anyway WHAT WOULD YOU DO 😛 DOESNT HAVE TO BE AS LONG I JUST COULDNT STOP XD

wow answers:

Lol nice answer….id definetly play it…..
Heres mine

its sorta like the game of life

you start off in character creation you can be a boy or a girl and you start off as a baby being born to actual people playing on their characters and they become your mum and dad…they bring you up until your older in the game it depends where you go on money like if ur in britan pounds usa dollars you can have differnet kinds of jobs like policeman buissness man scientist footballer etc you can invest your money in buissnesses aswell the game is basicly the sims + second life +world of warcraft

Daniel asks…

World of Warcraft Private Server?

I was wondering what is a good WoW private server. The problem is I have the current version of WoW (4.1.X) not many pservers run that update most are 3.3.5 Ill be installing 3.3.5 tonight but just in case it doesnt work I would like to know of a pserver with a decent community but mostly fun servers like cap lvl 255 (instant or not) custom gear, 5000% attributes things like that for both versions 4.1 and 3.3.5.

PS: on a side note, my brother is making me level his friends 64 warrior soon and I would like to know the skill rotation and any tips you may have thanks. (btw I dont know what talent tree he has.)

wow answers:

Playing on a private server is a good way to screw up your current version of WoW. It’s not just not recommended, it can also get you banned depending on what version you’re using (when they muck with the MPQ files to change how you play the game, they can corrupt aspects of the REAL game too – which generally only creates errors, but may permit you to hack things in the game). Not to mention that private servers are laggy as hell, and tend to ruin the game by making everything way too freaking easy.

That being said – power leveling your brother’s friend’s toons might seem like a fun idea, but if you get caught you can get your friend’s account banned. You can get caught really easily, by you logging in in California for a few hours, then ten minutes after you log off, he logs in in Florida.They’ll notice it. And they’ll ban him. It’s against the rules to share accounts. Whatever you do, legal or not, do NOT use a bot. They’ll get around to banning you for it eventually, and that will be the end of your friend’s account.

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