Your Questions About Wow Warrior Talent Tree

Ken asks…

WoW warriors more like dps than tank?

How do i make a warrior do more damage than tank i dont want to tank but i dont want to be a rogue so i wanted to dps a warrior and i know about berserk stance but what things should i focus on like some rogues focus on agility bonuses and stamina and what talent tree would fit dps warriors best

Thanks ahead of time for helping me

wow answers:

Warriors are NOT good at DPS. You can try and build up your agility as much as you can, but face it…you’re a walking death machine for face-to-face combat.

If you want DPS, be either a rogue or a ‘caster…..

John asks…

What class should I make in wow?

I play world of warcraft and I want to make a worgen. I don’t know what class to make it though Im stuck between warrior and priest. Which one is better and why? And It would be nice to know what talent tree to go on

wow answers:

I haven’t had issues with my shadow priest. Can usually pull 3-4 mobs, putting DoTs on all of them, and shielding myself. Usually they’re dead by the time they reach me.

There isn’t a “better” class though. It’s really all on what you want to play. Do you want to tank, dps or heal? Warriors – Tank / DPS, Priests – Heal / DPS.

I enjoy tanking on my warrior though. I can usually pull multiple mobs and down them without dying. Especially with abilities like victory rush. I’ve never really DPS’d on her though, so I can’t really comment on how they are in that department.

For a priest, healing is a bit meh. So that may be what the person above me was talking about. But DPSing as a shadow priest is not bad at all. I can’t grab as many mobs as my warrior, but can still multi-target dps a few down.

My guess, go Prot as a warrior or shadow as a priest. But like I said, I’ve never DPS’d as a warrior but I have seen many do competitive dps in dungeons.

Richard asks…

Does anyone think with the new WoW expansion is going to overpower warriors?

I was looking at the new talent trees and I was noticing that they are going to have ways to regen energy fast and stun for 4 seconds and 2 seconds. If you can chain those you can kill anyone pretty quickly with two warriors on top of the stunning abilities they have already.

wow answers:

To be honest, looking at every class’s new talents and skills individually, the initial reaction is “wow that class is gonna be op.” but if you take into account the fact that every class is getting major buffs, hopefully it will all balance in the end ^^

Sandra asks…

Best way to level in WoW?

I have a 64 warrior and ill just be honest he is not fun to play. It take forever to kill someone and takes up my health I want to ReSpec but i odnt want to make 1 on my own because im new. Can someone give me a good Talent Tree for leveling for Fury or

wow answers:

WoW is for losers! Keep living in your fantasy world of make believe w/ unicorns and little elves that wear funny little hats! La la la!

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