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Mandy asks…

WoW – Warrior vs. Ret Pali for PvP?

I want to choose the one that is a good face-roller, & also has the survivability factor.

If warr, which spec?


wow answers:

Warrior is face roll, both are face roll actually, but warrior would result in more damage, and pali higher survivability imo, and just copy a spec from a top warrior on

Laura asks…

WoW – Warrior vs. Pali vs. Shaman PVP?

Which is the best? By best, I mean can kill quickly, can survive the heat of the battle, & overall is fun to play. Also, which spec?


wow answers:

Well, it’s more of a playstyle question, but just in case… Here:
Warrior: PvP the really only definitive spec is Arms. Prot can be used to great effects w a rogue or a feral druid in 2s because of the survivability and many stuns to peel off of a self healer. Warriors have have one major healing ability: Enraged Regeneration. They also have Victory Rush which can only be used after landing a killing blow and that heals for ~30% of your max HP? Arms warriors will melt down squishy casters like priests and mages if played correctly but is easily rooted and kited without a dispel available from a healer. They can also be obnoxiously slippery w heroic leap and charge/throwdown stuns. I thoroughly enjoy playing warrior bc its just fun to zoom all over the map w all the movement cooldowns and Colossus Smash + Blade Storm = lol
Paly: If you want to kill quickly then you wont be looking into any spec but Ret. Ret is annoying to pay against w self heals from Word of Glory and Lay on Hands (if in a battle ground). If you want to kill quickly then pop your wings and freedom and laugh as a priest pops every cd available or a mage Iceblocks because you just turned on God Mode. Palys, however, are kinda weak when facing an offensive dispel, since wings/freedom can be dispelled. For survivability you have 100% dmg immunity for 10sec? But alas, that also can be dispelled. Double dps w a paly is scary for a healer generally bc of the burst but you can realy only do REAL damage when wings are up.
Shaman: Resto is hands down the best PvP spec, but you want to kill things soooo Enhance would be my answer. Elemental is too privy to interrupts and are always the first to drop in most situations. The most damage will come from Ele but you wont survive long in most BGs/arenas. Shamans have a higher skill cap imo than most classes (which is why there are so many amazing ones and bad ones). Enhance does insane damage, like the ret, really only when the wolves are up. They do have self heals though and can ghost wolf to run away and heal more. Their CC is weak but when teamed w a rogue that gets off a sap they’re deadly w their burst.

Since you are asking this question I’m assuming your personal skill is still low, as you are learning so I recommend the Pally or Warrior. You’ll see quick results as a Pally w your kills and dropping players, and you’ll have a better kill death ratio in a BG but the skill cap on a ret is only so high. It is a basic class imo for PvP. If you want to progress and find arena teams and really have fun zooming around I say the Warrior. Every killing blow gives you back a large percentage of health and there is a HUGE difference between a great warrior and good one… A larger one IMO than a great/good ret.

Susan asks…

WoW question, which talent is better for a pvp arms warrior improved hamstring OR sudden death.?

I have wrathful gear with pve off sets with a shadowmourne, which would benefit me more?

wow answers:

Improved hamstring, limited mobility is always better

Sandy asks…

on wow can u help me with warrior pvp?

iv never been much good at pvp im ok at it with protection spec but i wanna get good at pvp so i assume i need arms spec and i brought duel spec

im lvl 71

what moves should i use and in what order, how should i move around and what sort of wep is the best and what do i want on armour i have quite a lot of stamina atm

and what stance should i be in

im a night elf and my server is darkspear, my name if u wanna add me is appocalypse

tyvm for ur help

wow answers:

For some in depth info on PvPing as a prot warrior, check out this thread from the warrior forums called “How To: PvP as Prot”

gear, glyphs, enchants, macros….everything you want to know can be found in this thread. Prot warriors in PvP are very viable today vs when they were laughed at only a short time ago. Read and enjoy!

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