Your Questions About Wow Warrior Names

Mandy asks…

WoW prot warrior weapon?

i was a pvp warrior and got bored of Batte Grounds and Arenas
so i decided going protection and i have gotten myself some good gear i can main tank karazhan and starting ZulAman but i have a mace that drops from the 2nd boss in heroic ramps then i looked up better wepons and saw The SunEater ( and the Kings defender ( and im having trouble tying to figure out wich wepon is the best out of both or if you know any better than those that arent to hard to get
heres my paperdoll from the armory (
name: cronikz
realm: aggamagan

wow answers:

Well the one i liked is the one you get when you become exalted with the aldor i believe. Its one of the best until you hit the T6 dungeons. Also the suneater is an epic and doesnt drop very often at all but if your lucky it may take you less time than the one from aldor. O adn i wouldnt go crazy cus wrath of the lich king is comin at the end of this year so all that gear will be worthless. P34ce.

Sandra asks…

I need help with a WoW undead name?

I have a few name ideas for my undead like zharok, zhorak, torzak, and my DK is gonna be Zavika. Give me ur thoughts on those names and suggest a few for an undead warrior or mage.

wow answers:

I’m a level 3 and the quest is to find bat wings and scavanger paws. I go to the forest and kill the scavengers and bats and collect the loot (when I collect it, it says I got a undamaged paw/wing) but when I look at my quest it doesn’t say I have more than 0 paws/wings. This has happened multiple times. Help??

You need to get exactly what your quest tells you to get.

Even if one word is in the drop name that isn’t in the quest name, it won’t count.

Michael asks…

On WoW what is the best tank class? Protection Warrior or Blood Death Knight?

Could you also put reasons not just the name 🙂 Whatever i do its going to be a worgen so if that affects it i dont know

wow answers:

I would recommend a prot warrior just because they have had more thought put into the class because they were the first real tank. They have better abilities for survivability and are easier to play. Blood dk’s are fun and can be good but typically warriors tank end raids, or pallys/druids. Not death knights…not enough survivability.

Helen asks…

Wow Palladin Vs Warrior?

I have a 70 mage and 70 rouge im deciding to make one of the 2 pally or warrior in ur own opinions whats the best in endga,e to have all around fun( if ya have any other suggestions plz name them im open for any ideas) im horde btw

wow answers:


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