Your Questions About Wow Warrior Leveling Spec

Mary asks…

WoW, warrior? (20 characters)?

New to the warrior, i wanna have a lot of stamina. On my 19 rogue, one of my alts, i was in BG and this kid was a warrior and he had 2012 health. BADASS. He was pwnin every one of us lol…

My question is, what should i spec it in, what items do i need out of VC? I’m only level 10 right now, but yeah. thanks.

wow answers:

Spec won’t affect stamina. If you’re using 2 handed weapons, arms. If you want to dual wield at 20, Fury. To tank, Protection. Anyone with extremely high health and DPS like that is called a twink. They get the absolute best gear and enchants they can at 19, but they cost nearly 1000 gold, sometimes higher.

Sandra asks…

answer this if you know about arms warriors in wow?

i leveled up my warrior in fury spec but i want to change to arms people say you can do more dps but i cant find a rotation that makes any sense online and i dont know what to gem for and stuff please tell me everything about arms warriors, stuff like what other players it is good to have in a raid with you to increase your dps and what to gem for and so on


wow answers:

Gem Armor Pen, but first make sure your gear has enough hit points and expertise or gem into you cap that.
Rotation:Rend, MS, Exec., OP, Slam, Bladestorm, but thats just me. I never went Arms for PvE.
Good Luck, try asking in trade chat or a guildie whos a Arms.

Helen asks…

What is your favorite WoW race/class?

I have a level 42 hunman warrior, fury spec

wow answers:

Dwarf/hunter own i have a lvl 69 hambrook on frostmane server aint played for like 1 year though i miss it like crazy

David asks…

WoW Paladin – Which spec is advised?

I’m trying out a Blood Elf Paladin – but I’m not decided on the spec.
The reason I’m trying a Paladin is because I want a close fighting character. Not a Warrior because I’m just not a big fan. Paladins have heals and spells (my main character is a Mage and I love it).

So, taking in consideration the new talent spread, I have these doubts:
1- Going as Holy – I can be the healer of the group with high gear. Does it become hard to level alone as I won’t be as good as a fighter as I would be as a Retri?
2- Going as Tank – well, I could tank in a group. But I always think tanking is a boring job. It sounds like it’s not a very effective fighter or healer… just a lump who gathers monsters.
3- Going as Retri – I was inclined towards it but I’ve heard they’re just not that appreciated nor powerful.

I’m currently with a Retri but I can always redo into a Holy, which is the class I believe to good for me. But I’m also having fun with the Retri – but I would like to be placed in Raids, of course.

Can you give me your opinion?
Thanks for the heads on. Is it easy to get 100G for the dual specs later on the game?

wow answers:

Quests earn you 10G or more near the end-game, so 100G is a piece of cake. You should get dual spec right after flying skills and mounts.

On the topic of specs, Holy is no longer the must-have tank healer for raids. But they are still preferred now because other healing specs are still learning the ropes/getting experience on main tank healing with their new spells and talents. On PvP, Holy is now exciting with the Shockadin spec which can burst kill an opponent while still being a mighty pocket healer.

Prot as a tank is also on solid ground now in popularity, but maybe behind druids pre-nerf. Your sole job in PvP will be to carry flags and protect nodes in battlegrounds – expect 0 kills at times. Since you find it boring already at low levels because of the low damage and healing output, then you might go Holy or Ret instead.

Ret right now is being tweaked due to complaints on Cataclysm beta that they are behind in raid DPS. But their rotation now is vastly improved with the new Holy Power resource. Definitely the most fun and easiest spec for Paladin for leveling.

All three specs are viable for Patch 4.0.1 and Cataclysm raiding if you know how to keep threat and manage cooldowns (Prot) and churn out competitive healing/DPS (Holy/Ret).

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