Your Questions About Wow Warrior Leveling Spec

Sharon asks…

Question on Fury specced Warriors in WoW?

Right now, i have a level 28 Fury Warrior whos twinked with Fist Weapons with the Crusader and the Lifestealing Enchant. What I have noticed when im fighting someone is that I seem to miss more than i hit, and my fist skill is maxed out for my level. Is there any way to fix this?

wow answers:

That’s the folly of dual wielding; you always miss more than you hit. If you used a 2H weapon, you’d hit a lot more — but that kind of takes the fun away from being fury-specced.

Paul asks…

W.O.W. warrior?

I have a 68 warrior with a 3 arms/44 fury/11 prot spec. Everyone keeps telling me I need to switch to prot. so I can tank instances. I want to tank for my guild but do I have to switch to prot? The spec I have now works fine + I can solo easier. And I understand I need alot of stamina to tank,but I can switch gear to tank. Any feedback would be cool, especially from any high level wow warriors.

wow answers:

You can have backup tanking gear but you’ll stay alive longer and maintain aggro on the mobs your tanking if you just go full prot spec.

I dont know what instances your guild runs but at 70 your going to want to be prot spec.

So I wouldnt worry about it at 68 but its something to really consider in the next 2 levels.

You MIGHT get away with just being a DPS warrior if your guild already has a main tank for raids but chances are you would probably get passed up on invites since you cant backup tank bosses.

Linda asks…

Wow- paladin tank or warrior tank?

I’m thinking of making either a pally tank or warrior tank, I’m Going to be buying dual spec for either of the classes for leveling and tanking specs and I will have alt gear, which should I make? Which is better at tanking overall?

wow answers:

Paladin is easymode tanking. Warrior requires a little more skill. They’re about the same if you’re looking at mitigation/etc– One nice thing about being prot though is if you’re planning on dual speccing like you said, as ret there’s like 0 downtime since you can heal yourself instead of having to eat– you don’t have that luxury as a warr. Granted though, leveling both I had more fun leveling my warrior, more fun tanking on my paladin

Thomas asks…

World of warcraft warrior help?

Hey, im starting wow again and leaning towards making a warrior… i plan on all pvp and pve tanking. Just need to know the best race for horde and leveling spec? should i level prot so i can tank for instances. Also, whats the best professions?

wow answers:

If you truly intend on tanking as a main spec, I’d go ahead and put your talent points into prot tree, then. As soon as you can, I’d consider dual spec with either arms or fury as off spec. By doing the instances all the time, you shouldn’t ever have a problem with gear. Most gear from instances are better than any greens you find while questing. With very few exceptions. Continue to quest between instances and you’ll level really fast.

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