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Joseph asks…

My first lvl 85 (WoW)?

So I finally hit 85 with my warrior (or I’m a couple bars from it) and I was wondering what I should do. I don’t have a ton of time to play but plan on being well geared as fast as possible. I don’t have any crafts up (focused on leveling) but do have quite of experience in pvp (not so much pve).

What should I do to get gear and not waste time? What crafts should I get up or should I worry about them much at all? Whats the easiest/fastest way to get honor points or points to buy pvp gear? (for intermediates obviously)

I’ve played other MMO’s but never WoW and don’t have any friends who play to ask. Any input is appreciated thank you.

P.S. I tried looking on google but nothing really helps. People don’t really make “what to do now” guides just “how to’s”

wow answers:

Wow is not coo
look on another search engine and look some stuff up from wow staff online

Chris asks…

a few questions to help me on WoW please help?

1. is warrior hard (out of 10) to level?

2. can anyone tell me about any night elf quest guides they know of plz?

3. where does cobra scales, wind scales, and fel lotus come from?
(i dont mean outland)
thanks but i was looking for something more simple and something that can tell me breifly how to do all quests for the night elf in order of the first quest to the last

wow answers:

Warriors arent that hard to level as long as you have a lot of bandages and food you should be able to grind very easily and be getting into a lot of groups primarily to tank or sometimes as DPS.

You can use and just type in your quest name or item you are looking for to find out where to get it.

Mark asks…

[WoW] Best talents for leveling?

I play as a Warrior, Priest, Hunter, and Paladin. What talent trees are the best to level with? I’ve looked for talent guides ect and nothing has even come close to helping.

wow answers:

I believe that it depends on what you’d prefer to do.

Questing – ?
Dungeons – Protection

Questing – Shadow
Dungeons – Holy

Questing – Beast Mastery
Dungeons – Beast Mastery

Questing – Retribution
Dungeons – Protection

Don’t ask for specific talent “builds”, because it won’t always help you. A lot of what you need to do is to read through entire talent trees and decide what abilities you use most, or most prefer. Select talents based on your own preferences.

Helen asks…

I have recently started a new character on Wow and need a little help please.?

Hi, i need some help i have started a Warrior Dps char (human) and am not sure wat to use. i have good strength bonus armour. i have 2 1h swords and a 2h axe. I am told that using my 2h axe will do more damage than my 2 1h weps??? Also i dont know wat stance to be using i am level 34 almost 35 and was told to use zerker stance… i dont have many abilitys when using it though so i swapped back to battle stance. I have looked for guides but havent found any so i am asking here. hope you can help thanks.
I am building a fury spec BTW…

wow answers:

Well its kind of hard to determine which weapons to use since the stats arent available, but generally which ever setup gives you the most dps is what you want to go with. Having an 80 warrior myself i generally find using 2h weapons the way to go, regardless of your spec. Fury warriors do get to use two 2h weapons if you get the titans grip talent, which is at the very bottom of the fury tree. When leveling my warrior i found it nice to spec fury since the health regen helps a lot when grinding and doing quests where you have to kill multiple mobs at once. If youre specd fury, beserker stance goes hand in hand with it. If you are specd arms however, you mainly want to be in battle stance. Arms warriors do tend to dish out more damage on single targets at lower levels, so if you kill them fast enough they dont hurt you as bad and you can move on to the next guy. Its all pretty much based on preference though. Like i said, i personally liked getting the health boost from using a fury spec when leveling.
Good luck 🙂

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