Your Questions About Wow Warrior Builds

Helen asks…

WoW warrior or paladin? and why.?

im looking to raid mostly i like to be 2h but duel wield warrior is okay.

as for the paladin im probably going t have t go prot specd only

as for warrior i might have t go arms or fury spec’d.

Ps- i like dps not so much of tanking i had a prot pally and i loved it not so much because of his healing more becuase he didnt use rage ( i hate building up rage) and because he was prot and could tank like a mofo. but he was also fugly looking in gear wise and weak due to tankage.

so please help me choose and say why. im looking to raid and possibly pvp as well and do BG and arena and all that shet without respecing all the damn time
id go ith prt pally for many reasons (cc’s)
Raiding now days peoplpe want more tanks not dps and i see a shet load of ret pallys on the horde side. that is why id roll another prot pally. tankig has it’s benifits as well when getting mobbed they can last longer dps cant even if your a plly or a warrior

wow answers:

It all depends on what you like doing and how you play. IM the opposite of you. I could careless about how much dmg I do but if I can stand there and laugh as multiple enemies try to kill me and to no avail i did what i set out to do. I LOVE being able to survive great odds against me. Makes me feel good :P. IM new to the game (only had it a week) and I have a lvl 28 Prot. Pally. But it seems warriors are getting nerfed to roll and retribution pally.

Steven asks…

World of warcraft warrior talent build?

can some one give me a link to a awesome talent build for my new wow char its a warrior and i havent played this class before I tried looking through the forms online but its just alot of stuff i dont understand and i dont know witch points to put in the talent tree first and in what order I really want to start off in arms so if i could get any help on this it would be great and maybe something that explained why the point are going where and in what order to put them in. thanks

wow answers:

I don’t know any links but my advice is if you’ve just started leveling then put points into the “ARMS” tree until you get “Bladestorm”. Doesn’t really matter what you choose fbut here are some sugestions:

– Blitz
-Battle Trance
-Taste for Blood
-Deep wounds
-Blood frenzy
-Deadly calm
-Sudden Death

.Once your level 80 and you get really good gear then change to “FURY”. Fury scales with gear but its only really noticeable at level 80.

Have Fun

Sandra asks…

WoW_DPS Warrior improvements?

I have myself a 70 dps warrior (nothing special atm). I’m using an arms/fury build, and my dps is lagging. I know that im not epicced out, but does anyone have any tips to improve my dps.

Even if its just ideas on what abilities I should be using more, speccing ideas, gear, ANYTHING that might help.

What do you think of that spec?

Thank you, answers much appreciated

wow answers:

PvE or PvP ?

Without a link to your characters armory its hard to point out any gear thats not up to scratch

well always have at least 30 rage saved up for your big move like Bloodthirst or Mortal Strike and make sure you use it asap when its ready as they are your biggest damage dealers.
Always stay in berserker stance for the 3% crit increase (+10%atk power if talented), this stance enables you to stop being feared once every 30 secs with berserker rage, less being feared = more dps

Maria asks…


I heard that warriors are terrible…I dont know why.
I know they are harder, but people say that are warriors cant kill anyone in PvP, Warriors cant tank well(even though they are built for tanking…) But in my opinion they are very fun.
If this is not true i want info!
1) What are Warriors needed for?
2) What are Warriors deadly agianst classwise? Like is a warrior better than lets say a Rouge?
3)What in your opinion, out of the 10 classes, are warriors ranked inFROM ONE TO TEN?

Knowing that warriors are good, powerful and feared will be nice other than a gay boring paladin…

wow answers:

Ok, whoever said warriors are terrible are wrong. Warriors are great tanks, and combat. Warriors can easily kill if you know how to play it. If you were thinking about a rogue, a warrior spec’ed Arms is basically a Plate Armor Rogue without Stealth. Every class has their strengths and weaknesses. You might want to learn cooking and first aid because they cant heal :(. Hope this helps

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