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Mandy asks…

How much should I sell my WoW warrior for?

ok he has.

With an epic flyer also.

How much would a fair price be?

wow answers:

Ten bucks

Jenny asks…

How to tank as a warrior on Wow?

Alrite i have recently created a warrior, cause i only had experence as a dps(hunter 80), and that i just hit 15 im going to tank to level him. So can someone explain the rotation to hold the most threat/aggro.

wow answers:

A “rotation” (I put that in quotes because they don’t really have a true rotation but more of a priority system) is not really going to help you until you’re about level 50+.

But around your level, pop Bloodrage, gather up the mobs and Thunder Clap. Revenge is a great tool to use when you spec into the Improved version because it will hit multiple targets. Heroic Strike to dump rage. When you get to 20 you’ll get Cleave which will help a little with multiple targets. If you’re dealing with a single target or feel comfortable tabbing through multiple mobs then don’t forget to Sunder Armor. This increases your threat and lowers the armor rating of mobs for faster DPS.

Look into the Revenge Major Glyph also. Every time your revenge hits you will gain a free Heroic Strike immediately following it.

Laura asks…

starting a warrior on WOW and wondering what talents i should go in?

im starting an orc warrior on WOW and was wondering what part(s) of the talent tree i should go into. im going to do heavy pvp so right now i figure ill try to go into fury and duel wield.

wow answers:

Fury is the way to go for PvP but in order for you to be PvP ready you need to PvE…so you need help w/ your tanking, since at higher levels you can no longer solo things you need, work on being an asset to your group.

Here is a link for some warrior builds

but your best friend will be the warrior forums since they are constantly nerfing/buffing classes you need to know whats good NOW not what was good 2 years ago.


Susan asks…

Can you get a pet on WoW for warrior?

Can you get a pet on WoW for warrior?

wow answers:

Not a pet as in a hunters pet, that will follw you around and help u in combat no, but you can get a compainon for a warrior, this will be something like a bunny rabbit, a cat a parrot etc. And will follow you around, but it will not aid you in combat unfortunatley

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