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Betty asks…

How should i make my warrior in WOW?

I am a level 36 Human warrior. I usually just do a lot a questing and a few dungeons every now and then. I was just wondering if i should put my talent points in arms, fury, or protection? Im a realtive newb to the game and do not know a whole lot. If anyone can help it would be great.

wow answers:

Either Arms or Fury is a good bet. Protection is meant to make you survive a lot longer, but your DPS goes way down. It’s meant if you’re in groups, and you want to hold the attention of enemies while they hurt you (not as much) instead of your friends.
For leveling, it’s always best to choose a DPS spec. I’m not a warrior person myself, so I’m not sure which is better at your level if you have to choose between Arms or Fury. But don’t pick protection unless you plan to level doing nothing but instances.
Also, you may want to consult the official WoW warrior forums for a better answer than mine.

Richard asks…

what is a good grinding spot for a lvl 32 warrior in WoW?

I need to grind my warrior for a few lvls and i am human and lvl 32. I just want to know a good grinding spot where i can get alot of xp without dying alot. Also im a fury warrior.

wow answers:

Arathi Highlands and Stranglethorn Vale are both 30-40 zones. May I suggest those?

Maria asks…

How can I kill a rouge easier with my warrior on WOW?

Just wondering cuz I can kill rogues on my pally but I have a little trouble on my warrior. I learned to use berserker rage and isgnia of the horde as well. Im lvl 37 btw.

Rogues with BOA gear are really hard though, they kill me in about three or four hits.

wow answers:

Depends on what your spec is.
Fury – You’re going to have a hard time, but basically you’ll want to get into battle stance to use overpower (aka the rogue stomper)
Arms – Overpower and rend are your best friends for keeping them from vanishing and for smashing their face in
Prot – Rend and stun them back, just outlast them and don’t let them vanish away.

Most rogues are going to be able to stun you in to the ground, the trick is to survive their first barrage of attacks, don’t blow your medallion of the horde right away, save it for their kidney shot. Intimidating shout if you need to.

A trick I used to use was once I got some distance between us I would find a place to put my back against, be it a rock or wall, rogue damage is deadly when coming from behind, not so much when they can only attack your front, because it removes some of their stunning ability. If you can survive the first opening attack of a rogue your chances for survival jump up a lot more and your chances of killing him go up too. BANDAGE when you can and ALWAYS make sure you get a rend on them or they just vanish and run away. The moment they attack make sure to jump and turn around (taking the back away) and if you can, STUN them via intercept or charge to buy you some time to get a hamstring on them.

Rogues are ALL ABOUT OFFENSE, if you can turn them towards playing DEFENSE they are as good as dead. IF YOU”RE NOT PROT spec then you need to get into battle stance right away.

John asks…

what mail armor should a level 28 wow warrior wear?

I need to know what it is called, where I can get it, etc.
(chest, legs, shoes etc).

wow answers:

At your level gear shouldn’t really be important at all. Just use whatever you find that has decent stats. These days you level up so fast and replace armor until end game it is pointless to hunt down specific items at lower levels.

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