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World of Warcraft (WoW) as you are probably well aware is the number one MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) in the world. It holds 62% market share of the entire MMORPG market.

wow gold online dragon fireWoW Gold Online stands for World of Warcraft Gold Online. If you haven’t heard of World of Warcraft you must be living in a dark cave. Unless of course you are living in a dark cave. Warcraft is one of the most popular virtual online games in the world. With regular updates leading the way in new online games Warcraft rpg online games are simply stunning! If you’re into rpg games online then you cant go past WoW Cataclysm. This is the most recent of new online games by WoW. PC games or Mac, World of Warcraft Cataclysm is probably the most popular of virtual online games as far as new online games go that there is!

This site WoW Gold Online features on the free online rpg games unit of currency…WoW Gold. You need wow gold to play. The more the better. Luckily there is a special guide that teaches you how to get it. So if you love virtual online games and especially World of Warcraft then having a copy of Gold Secrets is a must have.

Remember Cataclysm leads the way in new online games!

Blizzard, the company responsible for making the game, gives away free trials and also gives you free stuff for getting friends to sign up.

Like all the RPG Games Online that are worth playing, you need to pay a subscription fee to access the online servers.  Servers aren’t free and cost a lot of money to operate and maintain so it only makes sense that you need to pay a subscription fee for this.  World of Warcraft has commonly cost fifteen US dollars per month, and is a fair price considering the vast number of servers and characters you can create.

When you create a new character you begin as level one, and to progress and level up, you must fight monsters and complete quests, thus giving you experience. Each level requires a certain amount of experience, with the amount needed increasing each level, so it takes longer. You can access your characters online via a web browser using the wow armory, a website hosted by Blizzard that allows you to see your armor, guild, weapons, items, and much more.  To get these items you will want to learn about buying wow gold online.

There is an in game currency that, much like real life, you must acquire to be able to purchase items, weapons and armor, among other things.  This wow gold online has a huge market and is very sought after, so much that you can buy wow gold online, for a very fair price.  Everyone is always looking for the cheapest wow gold online, and it can be found but not many people know the best websites.  Unless you buy from reputable sources, it can be risky and they may not deliver your gold.  When you buy wow gold online, it gets delivered to your character by another character in the game. They open trade and give you your wow gold very conveniently.

Wow gold online is such a big business that people go wow gold farming, meaning they play the game for the sole purpose of saving wow gold to sell for real money.  Some say this is harmful to the economy of the game, but it is actually quite handy and benefits everybody involved.  Wow cheap gold is sold by the website due to time they invested farming it, and you pay money for the service provided.  It is fair to all parties.  Buying wow gold online is something everybody should try as you never have enough time to save up enough gold yourself.

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