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Two Secrets For WOW Gold Online Seekers

If you’re after wow gold online, then you’ve come to the right place. I am affiliated with a fantastic wow gold guide that has so many secret ways to get gold you will be astounded!

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I am going to give you a couple of wow gold farming secrets right now…

WOW Gold Online Secret Tip Number One

Defias Windmill

wow gold online|Goblin WarriorNo matter what level you’re on , this special area called The Defias Windmill is an awesome wow gold farming location. It started out abundantly rich in gold and it is still just as lucrative today as it was when it was first revealed.

Get on the West Fall. Look for a hill that looks out towards the beach with a Murloc Base Camp directly below it. On top of the hill you will see a windmill.

Advance in attack mode as there will be quite a few Defias Scumbags to deal to. After you have killed them, grab all their goodies that you’ll find at their camp. This will be doable as they’re in the level twelve range.

The secret about this place is that these particular Murlocs respawn straight away so you can continually kill and farm as they regenerate one by one almost as quickly as you are killing them.

You can quickly heap up a lot of wow gold here especially in green articles that are predominantly a lower level. This place is fantastic for linen as well.

Even at level sixty I can come here and exploit this area stashing heaps of valuable gold. This place seems inexhaustible and truly is a gem area.

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WOW gold Online Secret Tip Number Two

The Mining Of Dark Iron

This particular strategy will have you harvesting wow gold online at a rate of between thirty to sixty gold on an hourly basis. Yep, you bet ya…it’s that lucrative.

A very expensive mineral is the dark iron. It is employed to create advanced weapons and special items. It is very valuable and also has a high value of mana especially with the likes of the thorium Brotherhood. You can only find this wow gold online mineral at two areas on the whole game, Molten Core and Blackrock Depths. We can’t utilize Molten Core yet as it’s a major attack area and impossible to negotiate at his level, so the focus is on Blackrock Depths.

When going into Blackrock Depths you’ll find a locked door to your lefthand side. You have to pick the lock to open this door or else you can use the Shadow Forge Key which you can get by finishing a quest within the Blackrock Depths.

Now when you’re on the other side you’ll see a door to your right. You want to go straight a head past that door and into a place named Dark Iron Highway. It is here that you can find a heap of wow gold online to farm.

An abundance of Darkiron spawning pinpoints are scattered around this area and you can pinpoint a couple of these on each dash.  After each ore is mined go back and re-set the in-stance to repeat the procedure. Being a Druid you can use your stealth for this otherwise you will require a couple of other units help. You can also use hunters to charge inwards feigning death as a ploy to distract the mobs surrounding the minerals.

You will need to experiment with resetting the starts and when you can charge in to mine the ore as it varies as to how many mobs are there guarding. It is usually best to aim at the areas where there are not any mobs at all, but you can always kill them first.

Special tip when aiming for these lucrative wow gold ore filled places. Amongst the mobs will be blood hounds that look right thru your stealth from great distances and they can also be very hard hitting. But you can usually take these menacing characters out as their health is very poor.

When I use this method, I average between twenty and forty dark iron ore an hour. As you will probably know this special ore can be sold for up to four gold each so you can see how valuable this strategy can be. Employing this technique will have you mounting a ton of wow gold online and when you become familiar with it, you will be coming back here time and time again to replenish your stash.

Another rare bonus item you can find amongst this ore is the lucrative magic blood of the mountain which is used as an ingredient for special recipes. This can be sold for up to one hundred g.

Now you can actually get a map of all the points to mine here in full colour.

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This guide has recently been updated to include all the secret wow gold mining tips for Burning Crusade and Cataclysm as well as all the originals.

Finding WOW Gold online has never been this good!

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