WoW Gold Farming Tips and Guide for Beginners

Looking for WOW gold guide that you can use and follow? Then here’s the nifty blueprint formula to help make you rich.

(1)    Northrend Land

Before, the northrend land was used to be viewed as a frozen dampsland inhabited by spiders, monsters, and treasure hunters. While this cold-inhabited place still remains to be coldless as ever, it does offer today a diverse source for exploitation.

  •     If you’re looking for WOW gold place to farm then the Northrend provides the best place to start as it offers a decent source for it – enough to cover for an expansion. And while most of the quests is not really enough to make you filthy rich in one day, the amount of pay you’ll receive here is definitely more than enough to cover your bills.
  •      Missing the good old daily quest? It’s back and back with a vengeance. Complete with all the good stuff from the previous outland, these daily quests include PVP dailies and cooking, and also with considerable gold payment for each completion.
  •     There’s a fairly reasonable reason why competition is very high in Sholazar Basin. It’s because the place is considered as the most ideal goldmine for gathering professionals. The tension here is very high though unlike in most other places. In fact, faction combat could errupt anytime, especially when you’re around the Nesingwary Base Camp.

(2)    WoW Gold in Outland

Opposite to the cold and harsh diversity of Northrend, Outland is a very beautiful place that harbors the major hub of the game. It also happens to be one of the best places to earn gold – serious amount of gold.

  •    The first step for you to be able to earn gold in this area is to stop running away from scary monsters that inhabit the place. Gold is everywhere here, if you can’t beat them, then it will be much harder for you to farm gold here.
  •     Remember. No matter how many stones or rocks you gather, your character’s mining ability will only increase by one point for every qualifying rock node you sucessfully mine.
  •    Motes – they’re not really that hard to find given you know where to hunt them. The Mana in Netherstorm, Life in Zangarmarsh, Air, Earth, & Shadow in Nagrand, and Fire in Shadowmoon. If you don’t know where these are, then just look for the corresponding Outland elementals for details.
  •     If youre character is over level 80, then doing Loremaster achievements is your definite ticket to WoW gold richness. You can actually do hundreds of gold making quests that are a lot easier to complete.

(3)    Popular WoW gold strategies

If you don’t have the patience to apply and complete a quest, don’t worry, there’s more than one way to gather all those golds.

  •     Auction House – Never underestimate the power of auction. Whether you’re dealing potions, reagents, weapons, or epic weapons, the auction house can be your best ally especially in times of comodity shortage.
  •     Trade Channel – In particular, watch out closely for channel 2 as most of the best deals happen here.

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