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About Andy Wells who wrote Wow Gold Online

WOW Gold Online is For Warcraft Nuts

Why Make WOW Gold Online?

Hi My name is Andy, I made WOW Gold Online for you. Because I know you and me both love Gaming.I know how much you need gold when playing warcraft so I know you’re going to want Gold Secrets, simply the best guide foe wow gold online there is.

I have been playing video games since I was a kid and am still blown away by how far they have come over the years. I mean, the graphics and everything, isn’t it just outstanding how sophisticated and awesome the modern games are these days?

My favourites are Starcraft and Warcraft but I also like the more mellow ones such as Civilization and World of Empires. The new Social Network sort of games are cool too, like Farmville and Cityville. Anyway this site is about the World of Warcraft and that’s my favourite game. I made this site to show you guys and gals that there is this awesome guide for the World Of Warcraft that is especially bent on helping you get gold. And that’s what we want in WOW isn’t it? It’s called Gold Secrets and I review it in the main part of my site, but I can tell you now, it’s really cool and worth buying as you will learn a ton of awesome strategies and tricks to become rich in WOW Gold Online! You can find the Gold Secrets Guide here.

Anyway, more about me. I live in Australia by myself in the wop wops by the sea in a cottage. I have a little dog and a 4 wheel motorbike that I use to blat down the beach on. I am single and am looking for an easy going fun loving woman to partner with me. So anybody interested, send me an email. I am rustic, into computers and Internet Marketing. I need this person to be able to live in Australia Okay the rest we can talk about later.

Hope you like this site and buy the Guide!

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