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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Names

Donna asks…

Looking to sell WoW account!?

The account contains 10 notable characters,

Lvl 85 Dranei Shaman, named Hecticity.
View him on the armory –
This was my main. He is the bee’s knees. He’s 359 PvE Resto iLvl (fully gemmed/enchanted) and about 346 Elemental. He’s got 3220 achievement points, 51 mounts (including the very hard to get Netherwing Mounts, and therefore exalted with Netherwing 🙂 ) He has 2 feats of strength and 92% of Exploration Achievements. He has 4 titles, including Kingslayer and the Explorer. He’s about 300 LW and 525 skinning. He’s friendly with his guild. I’ve done 22k hp/s with him. He’s the mang.

Lvl 85 Human Paladin, named Blackandgold.
View him on the armory –
I was just beginning to gear this guy. So he’s just 341 pve. He’s the guild master of the inactive guild falcon punch however, with unlimited acccess to guild bank.

Lvl 85 Gnome Mage, named Oathesmart.
View him on the armory –
This was my dps character basically, to my tank paladin and healer shaman. He’s 354 PvE, and i was working on him a bit more. He’s got a few titles, and 2.6k achievement points, and FOUR feats of strength. He’s quite accomplished.

Lvl 72 Human Priest, named Whatevermate
View her here –
This was my first Main, before i got over her. lolz. She’s got all the lvl70 PvP gear if you wana do 70 Arena with her. Oh and she’s got all the heirlooms for levelling.

Lvl 64 Night Elf Rogue, Named Kornflakes.
View him here –
He has all the heirlooms.

Lvl 60 Night Elf Hunter, named Eliberator.
Has all the heirlooms.

Lvl 45 Human Warlock, named Damous.
Has all heirlooms.

Lvl 40 Dwarf Paladin, named Arithmetrick.
First and only character on Saurfang.

Lvl 33 Dranei Warrior, named Holystrewth.
He has all the heirlooms and is a guild master of an inactive guild, with unlimited access to a valuable guild bank.

All of which are on Frostmourne (Oceanic, PvP) except the 40 dwarf paladin, who is on Saurfang

Please friend me / message me here on yahoo if you’re interested

wow answers:

Why in the world would someone pay money for that? And what is the point in even playing if you are not going to build your own character up? Your pretty much paying to miss out on the game.

Michael asks…

Anybody wanna trade a world of warcraft, wow, account. I have a 70 dwarf protection warrior and want warlock?

70 warrior for a 70 lock or 70 mage

realm dragonmaw name iamkeith (pst him)

wow answers:

Gifting (giving), trading and selling/buying accounts is against Blizzards TOS. They have gotten very good at recognizing accounts that have changed hands. Accounts that have been transferred in one of these ways can be banned.

If you buy, sell or trade an account, there are a few scams going around. The person receiving the account will get the information for the account and then cancel the payment or not complete the trade. If you are receiving an account, the original account holder will go thru the process of reclaiming the account (which is very easy to do). If either of these occurs, Blizzard will not help you because they do not recognize the transfer of accounts.

“Ownership/Selling of the Account or Virtual Items.
Blizzard does not recognize the transfer of Accounts. You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, and any such attempt shall be null and void. Blizzard owns, has licensed, or otherwise has rights to all of the content that appears in the Program. You agree that you have no right or title in or to any such content, including the virtual goods or currency appearing or originating in the Game, or any other attributes associated with the Account or stored on the Service. Blizzard does not recognize any virtual property transfers executed outside of the Game or the purported sale, gift or trade in the “real world” of anything related to the Game. Accordingly, you may not sell items for “real” money or otherwise exchange items for value outside of the Game.”

Robert asks…

Ymirjar Lord’s set one missing, wow item, 80s, warrior?

In Dalaran (47,27) there are 4 Merchants

Ignore all three but the guy named “Horace Hunderland” (male human)

there are 4 pages stuff he is selling and leave out the last page,

If you spend time on those you will notice there are 6 sets,

2 sets you can buy with justice points, the other 4 you have to have one Mark and the pieces from those justice sets,

that means, 2 Sanctified sets are miss, which are the top 5 items on the second page, and bottom 5 items on 3rd page, which as well the best attack set and protect set, (better than the other 2 Sanctified sets that he sells)

So, where am i suppost to find those 10 justice point trade sets? named ymirjar lord( notice there should be 3 ymirjar sets that have the same name but different attributes.

hope someone can understand what i am saying and happen to know the answer, XDD

if you really confused about the explanation, plz have a trip and take a look that guy, you will find out.

i think it is better than warthful gladiator which sells in gadgetzan.(80s)

wow answers:

Yea… I’m not understanding what you’re asking here. Seeing as how I’m a clothie, Horace Hunderland doesn’t show as selling anything to me.

I think what you’re trying to ask is why there are 4 sets that require a token + old tier and only 2 sets that require justice points?

To answer: The justice point gear is the first level of tier 10. You’ll notice the ilevel of the justice point gear is 251.

The 2nd level in tier 10 gear requires a Conqueror’s Mark + the justice point piece and you’ll notice the ilevel of those pieces are 264.

There is a THIRD step up in tier 10 that requires a HEROIC Mark + the 264 level gear. You’ll notice that these heroic pieces are ilevel 277.

I THINK that’s what you’re asking? I’m not sure. Please check the ilevel of the 4 sets you’re confused about. Hope this helps.

Sandra asks…

will anyone help me level up in wow?? im a level 43 warrior and im on dentrag?

really wanna get to level 85 so i can get started on some new guys will anyone boost me or let me recruit a friend so i can hurry up and level my characters name is delemarn and im on realm dentrag please help me

wow answers:

Try dungeons.

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Names

Mandy asks…

WoW prot warrior weapon?

i was a pvp warrior and got bored of Batte Grounds and Arenas
so i decided going protection and i have gotten myself some good gear i can main tank karazhan and starting ZulAman but i have a mace that drops from the 2nd boss in heroic ramps then i looked up better wepons and saw The SunEater ( and the Kings defender ( and im having trouble tying to figure out wich wepon is the best out of both or if you know any better than those that arent to hard to get
heres my paperdoll from the armory (
name: cronikz
realm: aggamagan

wow answers:

Well the one i liked is the one you get when you become exalted with the aldor i believe. Its one of the best until you hit the T6 dungeons. Also the suneater is an epic and doesnt drop very often at all but if your lucky it may take you less time than the one from aldor. O adn i wouldnt go crazy cus wrath of the lich king is comin at the end of this year so all that gear will be worthless. P34ce.

Sandra asks…

I need help with a WoW undead name?

I have a few name ideas for my undead like zharok, zhorak, torzak, and my DK is gonna be Zavika. Give me ur thoughts on those names and suggest a few for an undead warrior or mage.

wow answers:

I’m a level 3 and the quest is to find bat wings and scavanger paws. I go to the forest and kill the scavengers and bats and collect the loot (when I collect it, it says I got a undamaged paw/wing) but when I look at my quest it doesn’t say I have more than 0 paws/wings. This has happened multiple times. Help??

You need to get exactly what your quest tells you to get.

Even if one word is in the drop name that isn’t in the quest name, it won’t count.

Michael asks…

On WoW what is the best tank class? Protection Warrior or Blood Death Knight?

Could you also put reasons not just the name 🙂 Whatever i do its going to be a worgen so if that affects it i dont know

wow answers:

I would recommend a prot warrior just because they have had more thought put into the class because they were the first real tank. They have better abilities for survivability and are easier to play. Blood dk’s are fun and can be good but typically warriors tank end raids, or pallys/druids. Not death knights…not enough survivability.

Helen asks…

Wow Palladin Vs Warrior?

I have a 70 mage and 70 rouge im deciding to make one of the 2 pally or warrior in ur own opinions whats the best in endga,e to have all around fun( if ya have any other suggestions plz name them im open for any ideas) im horde btw

wow answers:


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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Leveling Spec

Mary asks…

WoW, warrior? (20 characters)?

New to the warrior, i wanna have a lot of stamina. On my 19 rogue, one of my alts, i was in BG and this kid was a warrior and he had 2012 health. BADASS. He was pwnin every one of us lol…

My question is, what should i spec it in, what items do i need out of VC? I’m only level 10 right now, but yeah. thanks.

wow answers:

Spec won’t affect stamina. If you’re using 2 handed weapons, arms. If you want to dual wield at 20, Fury. To tank, Protection. Anyone with extremely high health and DPS like that is called a twink. They get the absolute best gear and enchants they can at 19, but they cost nearly 1000 gold, sometimes higher.

Sandra asks…

answer this if you know about arms warriors in wow?

i leveled up my warrior in fury spec but i want to change to arms people say you can do more dps but i cant find a rotation that makes any sense online and i dont know what to gem for and stuff please tell me everything about arms warriors, stuff like what other players it is good to have in a raid with you to increase your dps and what to gem for and so on


wow answers:

Gem Armor Pen, but first make sure your gear has enough hit points and expertise or gem into you cap that.
Rotation:Rend, MS, Exec., OP, Slam, Bladestorm, but thats just me. I never went Arms for PvE.
Good Luck, try asking in trade chat or a guildie whos a Arms.

Helen asks…

What is your favorite WoW race/class?

I have a level 42 hunman warrior, fury spec

wow answers:

Dwarf/hunter own i have a lvl 69 hambrook on frostmane server aint played for like 1 year though i miss it like crazy

David asks…

WoW Paladin – Which spec is advised?

I’m trying out a Blood Elf Paladin – but I’m not decided on the spec.
The reason I’m trying a Paladin is because I want a close fighting character. Not a Warrior because I’m just not a big fan. Paladins have heals and spells (my main character is a Mage and I love it).

So, taking in consideration the new talent spread, I have these doubts:
1- Going as Holy – I can be the healer of the group with high gear. Does it become hard to level alone as I won’t be as good as a fighter as I would be as a Retri?
2- Going as Tank – well, I could tank in a group. But I always think tanking is a boring job. It sounds like it’s not a very effective fighter or healer… just a lump who gathers monsters.
3- Going as Retri – I was inclined towards it but I’ve heard they’re just not that appreciated nor powerful.

I’m currently with a Retri but I can always redo into a Holy, which is the class I believe to good for me. But I’m also having fun with the Retri – but I would like to be placed in Raids, of course.

Can you give me your opinion?
Thanks for the heads on. Is it easy to get 100G for the dual specs later on the game?

wow answers:

Quests earn you 10G or more near the end-game, so 100G is a piece of cake. You should get dual spec right after flying skills and mounts.

On the topic of specs, Holy is no longer the must-have tank healer for raids. But they are still preferred now because other healing specs are still learning the ropes/getting experience on main tank healing with their new spells and talents. On PvP, Holy is now exciting with the Shockadin spec which can burst kill an opponent while still being a mighty pocket healer.

Prot as a tank is also on solid ground now in popularity, but maybe behind druids pre-nerf. Your sole job in PvP will be to carry flags and protect nodes in battlegrounds – expect 0 kills at times. Since you find it boring already at low levels because of the low damage and healing output, then you might go Holy or Ret instead.

Ret right now is being tweaked due to complaints on Cataclysm beta that they are behind in raid DPS. But their rotation now is vastly improved with the new Holy Power resource. Definitely the most fun and easiest spec for Paladin for leveling.

All three specs are viable for Patch 4.0.1 and Cataclysm raiding if you know how to keep threat and manage cooldowns (Prot) and churn out competitive healing/DPS (Holy/Ret).

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Pvp

Mandy asks…

WoW – Warrior vs. Ret Pali for PvP?

I want to choose the one that is a good face-roller, & also has the survivability factor.

If warr, which spec?


wow answers:

Warrior is face roll, both are face roll actually, but warrior would result in more damage, and pali higher survivability imo, and just copy a spec from a top warrior on

Laura asks…

WoW – Warrior vs. Pali vs. Shaman PVP?

Which is the best? By best, I mean can kill quickly, can survive the heat of the battle, & overall is fun to play. Also, which spec?


wow answers:

Well, it’s more of a playstyle question, but just in case… Here:
Warrior: PvP the really only definitive spec is Arms. Prot can be used to great effects w a rogue or a feral druid in 2s because of the survivability and many stuns to peel off of a self healer. Warriors have have one major healing ability: Enraged Regeneration. They also have Victory Rush which can only be used after landing a killing blow and that heals for ~30% of your max HP? Arms warriors will melt down squishy casters like priests and mages if played correctly but is easily rooted and kited without a dispel available from a healer. They can also be obnoxiously slippery w heroic leap and charge/throwdown stuns. I thoroughly enjoy playing warrior bc its just fun to zoom all over the map w all the movement cooldowns and Colossus Smash + Blade Storm = lol
Paly: If you want to kill quickly then you wont be looking into any spec but Ret. Ret is annoying to pay against w self heals from Word of Glory and Lay on Hands (if in a battle ground). If you want to kill quickly then pop your wings and freedom and laugh as a priest pops every cd available or a mage Iceblocks because you just turned on God Mode. Palys, however, are kinda weak when facing an offensive dispel, since wings/freedom can be dispelled. For survivability you have 100% dmg immunity for 10sec? But alas, that also can be dispelled. Double dps w a paly is scary for a healer generally bc of the burst but you can realy only do REAL damage when wings are up.
Shaman: Resto is hands down the best PvP spec, but you want to kill things soooo Enhance would be my answer. Elemental is too privy to interrupts and are always the first to drop in most situations. The most damage will come from Ele but you wont survive long in most BGs/arenas. Shamans have a higher skill cap imo than most classes (which is why there are so many amazing ones and bad ones). Enhance does insane damage, like the ret, really only when the wolves are up. They do have self heals though and can ghost wolf to run away and heal more. Their CC is weak but when teamed w a rogue that gets off a sap they’re deadly w their burst.

Since you are asking this question I’m assuming your personal skill is still low, as you are learning so I recommend the Pally or Warrior. You’ll see quick results as a Pally w your kills and dropping players, and you’ll have a better kill death ratio in a BG but the skill cap on a ret is only so high. It is a basic class imo for PvP. If you want to progress and find arena teams and really have fun zooming around I say the Warrior. Every killing blow gives you back a large percentage of health and there is a HUGE difference between a great warrior and good one… A larger one IMO than a great/good ret.

Susan asks…

WoW question, which talent is better for a pvp arms warrior improved hamstring OR sudden death.?

I have wrathful gear with pve off sets with a shadowmourne, which would benefit me more?

wow answers:

Improved hamstring, limited mobility is always better

Sandy asks…

on wow can u help me with warrior pvp?

iv never been much good at pvp im ok at it with protection spec but i wanna get good at pvp so i assume i need arms spec and i brought duel spec

im lvl 71

what moves should i use and in what order, how should i move around and what sort of wep is the best and what do i want on armour i have quite a lot of stamina atm

and what stance should i be in

im a night elf and my server is darkspear, my name if u wanna add me is appocalypse

tyvm for ur help

wow answers:

For some in depth info on PvPing as a prot warrior, check out this thread from the warrior forums called “How To: PvP as Prot”

gear, glyphs, enchants, macros….everything you want to know can be found in this thread. Prot warriors in PvP are very viable today vs when they were laughed at only a short time ago. Read and enjoy!

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior

Mandy asks…

How much should I sell my WoW warrior for?

ok he has.

With an epic flyer also.

How much would a fair price be?

wow answers:

Ten bucks

Jenny asks…

How to tank as a warrior on Wow?

Alrite i have recently created a warrior, cause i only had experence as a dps(hunter 80), and that i just hit 15 im going to tank to level him. So can someone explain the rotation to hold the most threat/aggro.

wow answers:

A “rotation” (I put that in quotes because they don’t really have a true rotation but more of a priority system) is not really going to help you until you’re about level 50+.

But around your level, pop Bloodrage, gather up the mobs and Thunder Clap. Revenge is a great tool to use when you spec into the Improved version because it will hit multiple targets. Heroic Strike to dump rage. When you get to 20 you’ll get Cleave which will help a little with multiple targets. If you’re dealing with a single target or feel comfortable tabbing through multiple mobs then don’t forget to Sunder Armor. This increases your threat and lowers the armor rating of mobs for faster DPS.

Look into the Revenge Major Glyph also. Every time your revenge hits you will gain a free Heroic Strike immediately following it.

Laura asks…

starting a warrior on WOW and wondering what talents i should go in?

im starting an orc warrior on WOW and was wondering what part(s) of the talent tree i should go into. im going to do heavy pvp so right now i figure ill try to go into fury and duel wield.

wow answers:

Fury is the way to go for PvP but in order for you to be PvP ready you need to PvE…so you need help w/ your tanking, since at higher levels you can no longer solo things you need, work on being an asset to your group.

Here is a link for some warrior builds

but your best friend will be the warrior forums since they are constantly nerfing/buffing classes you need to know whats good NOW not what was good 2 years ago.


Susan asks…

Can you get a pet on WoW for warrior?

Can you get a pet on WoW for warrior?

wow answers:

Not a pet as in a hunters pet, that will follw you around and help u in combat no, but you can get a compainon for a warrior, this will be something like a bunny rabbit, a cat a parrot etc. And will follow you around, but it will not aid you in combat unfortunatley

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Talent Tree

Ruth asks…

Been gone awhile from WOW…?

I am a level 72 orc warrior, all of my talent trees have been reset and it is asking me to pick a specialization between arms, fury, and protection. I am mostly interested in spec building at this point. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do and what build I should continue with?

wow answers:

The new talent trees force you into one tree until you spend 31pts in that tree then you can start spending the points in other trees. So it all comes down to gameplay preference.

If you like Hitting really hard with a 2h weapon go Arms

If you like faster style of game play go Fury

If you like tanking then roll Prot.

Donna asks…

Need help with my Warlock on WoW?

Well I have a lvl 80 warrior but i decided to lvl up a warlock. I really don’t know a lot about them so what stats should i be looking at with a warlock – (stamina, intellect? ect) also – I havent decided for a talent tree yet. Which would be more beneficial when i get to lvl 80 raids? thanks for the help and info

wow answers:

You really shouldn’t worry too much about what’s best for raiding at this point (though the answer is either affliction or destruction – demonology is currently gimped for some reason).

You can level fine as any of them — just pick the one you enjoy the most. For me, it’s affliction.

Yes, definitely int and stam are all you need to worry about for leveling.

Nancy asks…

If you could Make your very own MMORPG the way you wanted it… What would it be like?

Mine would, be sorta like afro samurai graphics, although it would be sorta like a ninja samurai online game sorta like an awesome online version of naruto but i would call it something like world of the warrior or warrior world or something like that…

It would be like wow in the way there is a whole world and the only way your game starts going into new areas and stuff would be PVP and Instances… But the instances wouldnt be like wow instances… where theres a tank and shit… it would just be like skills… I would make the game like a mix of fighting but you control your fighting with combos and your own three talent trees, one that deals with physical combat with either martial arts or ninja or samurai one that deals with magic with healing, illusions and or elements and one that deals with summoning. The fighting style of the game wouldnt be like wow where you run up to a boss or a person and you just press one and two or whatever… it would sorta be like that for everyone but also different like assasins creed and ninja gaiden where you can use combo’s and grabs and stuff for pvp although for instances and killing mobs and shit it would be like running up and just normal sorta killing but you would still need to do combos and shit so its not a normal mmorpg where you just click the same three buttons over and over…
I would also make it that you can completely customize your self with new gear as well like in wow although i would make all the gear cloth and meadium armor, no plate mail so it suits the ninja and samurai style… It wouldnt be one of those typical asian games too where its like fully asian graphics and stuff but more along the lines of assasin creed, afro samurai, and naruto rise of the ninja, also when running around i would make it so you can run really fast and climb any mountain or building like assasins creed but do it more faster and ninja style. I would also make mounts like in most mmorpgs these days although you can also increase your running speed and stuff so mounts would only be used for lower level characters but when higher you can run really fast when you choose too and or jump off trees and shit like in naruto…. With the killing… i would have it so depending on how you kill the mobs or real life people they would get cut in half or have exploding limbs or whatever depending on the types of magic or samurai swords you use… so its not like every mmorpg but actually has some gruesome things.. i would still make the nice pretty land scapes of the main towns and stuff… also there would be three four factions to choose from, water and storm which would be together, and nature and sand which would also be together although depending on which one you start with you get different racial skills and start in each differnt town. The main town would be a huge city type thing with no pvp allowed in the whole area or town as well as you are allowed to enter that area with being in any faction. The language would be the same for all factions, although adding a person from a different faction would not work neither would using a personal message. Also flying mounts would also be in although you can get them at a certain level for free in any skill tree
pvp would be a mix of skill and gear although mostly skill… although with a person 10 lvls higher than his opponent it would be obvious that the higher character would win…. There would be quests and pvp to level your character, although if the pvp cap was 25 for this type of battle ground and your 25 you couldnt lvl anymore from that battle ground. the quests would be attainable from heaps of people in random towns and people among your own town but you would mostly get all your quests from your town leader and leaders subordinates… although to stop a mass spam of people in one area you can only get quests from NPCs for your level ground e.g. if you were say a lvl 50 ish you could get quests from the towns leader, although if you were a lvl 20 you could only get quests from a group vice captain or something… you could also get quests from your factions allies e.g. if you were on the nature group you could get quests from the sand group although if you went to the water group the guards would attack you… you would also get most of your quests from your town you started in making it one of the main towns for you also making sure you would protect your city because of raids on it from other nations.

Really long i know but after i started writing i started thinkgin of other things to add XD But anyway WHAT WOULD YOU DO 😛 DOESNT HAVE TO BE AS LONG I JUST COULDNT STOP XD

wow answers:

Lol nice answer….id definetly play it…..
Heres mine

its sorta like the game of life

you start off in character creation you can be a boy or a girl and you start off as a baby being born to actual people playing on their characters and they become your mum and dad…they bring you up until your older in the game it depends where you go on money like if ur in britan pounds usa dollars you can have differnet kinds of jobs like policeman buissness man scientist footballer etc you can invest your money in buissnesses aswell the game is basicly the sims + second life +world of warcraft

Daniel asks…

World of Warcraft Private Server?

I was wondering what is a good WoW private server. The problem is I have the current version of WoW (4.1.X) not many pservers run that update most are 3.3.5 Ill be installing 3.3.5 tonight but just in case it doesnt work I would like to know of a pserver with a decent community but mostly fun servers like cap lvl 255 (instant or not) custom gear, 5000% attributes things like that for both versions 4.1 and 3.3.5.

PS: on a side note, my brother is making me level his friends 64 warrior soon and I would like to know the skill rotation and any tips you may have thanks. (btw I dont know what talent tree he has.)

wow answers:

Playing on a private server is a good way to screw up your current version of WoW. It’s not just not recommended, it can also get you banned depending on what version you’re using (when they muck with the MPQ files to change how you play the game, they can corrupt aspects of the REAL game too – which generally only creates errors, but may permit you to hack things in the game). Not to mention that private servers are laggy as hell, and tend to ruin the game by making everything way too freaking easy.

That being said – power leveling your brother’s friend’s toons might seem like a fun idea, but if you get caught you can get your friend’s account banned. You can get caught really easily, by you logging in in California for a few hours, then ten minutes after you log off, he logs in in Florida.They’ll notice it. And they’ll ban him. It’s against the rules to share accounts. Whatever you do, legal or not, do NOT use a bot. They’ll get around to banning you for it eventually, and that will be the end of your friend’s account.

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Builds

Helen asks…

WoW warrior or paladin? and why.?

im looking to raid mostly i like to be 2h but duel wield warrior is okay.

as for the paladin im probably going t have t go prot specd only

as for warrior i might have t go arms or fury spec’d.

Ps- i like dps not so much of tanking i had a prot pally and i loved it not so much because of his healing more becuase he didnt use rage ( i hate building up rage) and because he was prot and could tank like a mofo. but he was also fugly looking in gear wise and weak due to tankage.

so please help me choose and say why. im looking to raid and possibly pvp as well and do BG and arena and all that shet without respecing all the damn time
id go ith prt pally for many reasons (cc’s)
Raiding now days peoplpe want more tanks not dps and i see a shet load of ret pallys on the horde side. that is why id roll another prot pally. tankig has it’s benifits as well when getting mobbed they can last longer dps cant even if your a plly or a warrior

wow answers:

It all depends on what you like doing and how you play. IM the opposite of you. I could careless about how much dmg I do but if I can stand there and laugh as multiple enemies try to kill me and to no avail i did what i set out to do. I LOVE being able to survive great odds against me. Makes me feel good :P. IM new to the game (only had it a week) and I have a lvl 28 Prot. Pally. But it seems warriors are getting nerfed to roll and retribution pally.

Steven asks…

World of warcraft warrior talent build?

can some one give me a link to a awesome talent build for my new wow char its a warrior and i havent played this class before I tried looking through the forms online but its just alot of stuff i dont understand and i dont know witch points to put in the talent tree first and in what order I really want to start off in arms so if i could get any help on this it would be great and maybe something that explained why the point are going where and in what order to put them in. thanks

wow answers:

I don’t know any links but my advice is if you’ve just started leveling then put points into the “ARMS” tree until you get “Bladestorm”. Doesn’t really matter what you choose fbut here are some sugestions:

– Blitz
-Battle Trance
-Taste for Blood
-Deep wounds
-Blood frenzy
-Deadly calm
-Sudden Death

.Once your level 80 and you get really good gear then change to “FURY”. Fury scales with gear but its only really noticeable at level 80.

Have Fun

Sandra asks…

WoW_DPS Warrior improvements?

I have myself a 70 dps warrior (nothing special atm). I’m using an arms/fury build, and my dps is lagging. I know that im not epicced out, but does anyone have any tips to improve my dps.

Even if its just ideas on what abilities I should be using more, speccing ideas, gear, ANYTHING that might help.

What do you think of that spec?

Thank you, answers much appreciated

wow answers:

PvE or PvP ?

Without a link to your characters armory its hard to point out any gear thats not up to scratch

well always have at least 30 rage saved up for your big move like Bloodthirst or Mortal Strike and make sure you use it asap when its ready as they are your biggest damage dealers.
Always stay in berserker stance for the 3% crit increase (+10%atk power if talented), this stance enables you to stop being feared once every 30 secs with berserker rage, less being feared = more dps

Maria asks…


I heard that warriors are terrible…I dont know why.
I know they are harder, but people say that are warriors cant kill anyone in PvP, Warriors cant tank well(even though they are built for tanking…) But in my opinion they are very fun.
If this is not true i want info!
1) What are Warriors needed for?
2) What are Warriors deadly agianst classwise? Like is a warrior better than lets say a Rouge?
3)What in your opinion, out of the 10 classes, are warriors ranked inFROM ONE TO TEN?

Knowing that warriors are good, powerful and feared will be nice other than a gay boring paladin…

wow answers:

Ok, whoever said warriors are terrible are wrong. Warriors are great tanks, and combat. Warriors can easily kill if you know how to play it. If you were thinking about a rogue, a warrior spec’ed Arms is basically a Plate Armor Rogue without Stealth. Every class has their strengths and weaknesses. You might want to learn cooking and first aid because they cant heal :(. Hope this helps

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior

Betty asks…

How should i make my warrior in WOW?

I am a level 36 Human warrior. I usually just do a lot a questing and a few dungeons every now and then. I was just wondering if i should put my talent points in arms, fury, or protection? Im a realtive newb to the game and do not know a whole lot. If anyone can help it would be great.

wow answers:

Either Arms or Fury is a good bet. Protection is meant to make you survive a lot longer, but your DPS goes way down. It’s meant if you’re in groups, and you want to hold the attention of enemies while they hurt you (not as much) instead of your friends.
For leveling, it’s always best to choose a DPS spec. I’m not a warrior person myself, so I’m not sure which is better at your level if you have to choose between Arms or Fury. But don’t pick protection unless you plan to level doing nothing but instances.
Also, you may want to consult the official WoW warrior forums for a better answer than mine.

Richard asks…

what is a good grinding spot for a lvl 32 warrior in WoW?

I need to grind my warrior for a few lvls and i am human and lvl 32. I just want to know a good grinding spot where i can get alot of xp without dying alot. Also im a fury warrior.

wow answers:

Arathi Highlands and Stranglethorn Vale are both 30-40 zones. May I suggest those?

Maria asks…

How can I kill a rouge easier with my warrior on WOW?

Just wondering cuz I can kill rogues on my pally but I have a little trouble on my warrior. I learned to use berserker rage and isgnia of the horde as well. Im lvl 37 btw.

Rogues with BOA gear are really hard though, they kill me in about three or four hits.

wow answers:

Depends on what your spec is.
Fury – You’re going to have a hard time, but basically you’ll want to get into battle stance to use overpower (aka the rogue stomper)
Arms – Overpower and rend are your best friends for keeping them from vanishing and for smashing their face in
Prot – Rend and stun them back, just outlast them and don’t let them vanish away.

Most rogues are going to be able to stun you in to the ground, the trick is to survive their first barrage of attacks, don’t blow your medallion of the horde right away, save it for their kidney shot. Intimidating shout if you need to.

A trick I used to use was once I got some distance between us I would find a place to put my back against, be it a rock or wall, rogue damage is deadly when coming from behind, not so much when they can only attack your front, because it removes some of their stunning ability. If you can survive the first opening attack of a rogue your chances for survival jump up a lot more and your chances of killing him go up too. BANDAGE when you can and ALWAYS make sure you get a rend on them or they just vanish and run away. The moment they attack make sure to jump and turn around (taking the back away) and if you can, STUN them via intercept or charge to buy you some time to get a hamstring on them.

Rogues are ALL ABOUT OFFENSE, if you can turn them towards playing DEFENSE they are as good as dead. IF YOU”RE NOT PROT spec then you need to get into battle stance right away.

John asks…

what mail armor should a level 28 wow warrior wear?

I need to know what it is called, where I can get it, etc.
(chest, legs, shoes etc).

wow answers:

At your level gear shouldn’t really be important at all. Just use whatever you find that has decent stats. These days you level up so fast and replace armor until end game it is pointless to hunt down specific items at lower levels.

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Guide

Joseph asks…

My first lvl 85 (WoW)?

So I finally hit 85 with my warrior (or I’m a couple bars from it) and I was wondering what I should do. I don’t have a ton of time to play but plan on being well geared as fast as possible. I don’t have any crafts up (focused on leveling) but do have quite of experience in pvp (not so much pve).

What should I do to get gear and not waste time? What crafts should I get up or should I worry about them much at all? Whats the easiest/fastest way to get honor points or points to buy pvp gear? (for intermediates obviously)

I’ve played other MMO’s but never WoW and don’t have any friends who play to ask. Any input is appreciated thank you.

P.S. I tried looking on google but nothing really helps. People don’t really make “what to do now” guides just “how to’s”

wow answers:

Wow is not coo
look on another search engine and look some stuff up from wow staff online

Chris asks…

a few questions to help me on WoW please help?

1. is warrior hard (out of 10) to level?

2. can anyone tell me about any night elf quest guides they know of plz?

3. where does cobra scales, wind scales, and fel lotus come from?
(i dont mean outland)
thanks but i was looking for something more simple and something that can tell me breifly how to do all quests for the night elf in order of the first quest to the last

wow answers:

Warriors arent that hard to level as long as you have a lot of bandages and food you should be able to grind very easily and be getting into a lot of groups primarily to tank or sometimes as DPS.

You can use and just type in your quest name or item you are looking for to find out where to get it.

Mark asks…

[WoW] Best talents for leveling?

I play as a Warrior, Priest, Hunter, and Paladin. What talent trees are the best to level with? I’ve looked for talent guides ect and nothing has even come close to helping.

wow answers:

I believe that it depends on what you’d prefer to do.

Questing – ?
Dungeons – Protection

Questing – Shadow
Dungeons – Holy

Questing – Beast Mastery
Dungeons – Beast Mastery

Questing – Retribution
Dungeons – Protection

Don’t ask for specific talent “builds”, because it won’t always help you. A lot of what you need to do is to read through entire talent trees and decide what abilities you use most, or most prefer. Select talents based on your own preferences.

Helen asks…

I have recently started a new character on Wow and need a little help please.?

Hi, i need some help i have started a Warrior Dps char (human) and am not sure wat to use. i have good strength bonus armour. i have 2 1h swords and a 2h axe. I am told that using my 2h axe will do more damage than my 2 1h weps??? Also i dont know wat stance to be using i am level 34 almost 35 and was told to use zerker stance… i dont have many abilitys when using it though so i swapped back to battle stance. I have looked for guides but havent found any so i am asking here. hope you can help thanks.
I am building a fury spec BTW…

wow answers:

Well its kind of hard to determine which weapons to use since the stats arent available, but generally which ever setup gives you the most dps is what you want to go with. Having an 80 warrior myself i generally find using 2h weapons the way to go, regardless of your spec. Fury warriors do get to use two 2h weapons if you get the titans grip talent, which is at the very bottom of the fury tree. When leveling my warrior i found it nice to spec fury since the health regen helps a lot when grinding and doing quests where you have to kill multiple mobs at once. If youre specd fury, beserker stance goes hand in hand with it. If you are specd arms however, you mainly want to be in battle stance. Arms warriors do tend to dish out more damage on single targets at lower levels, so if you kill them fast enough they dont hurt you as bad and you can move on to the next guy. Its all pretty much based on preference though. Like i said, i personally liked getting the health boost from using a fury spec when leveling.
Good luck 🙂

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Your Questions About Wow Warrior Talent Tree

Ken asks…

WoW warriors more like dps than tank?

How do i make a warrior do more damage than tank i dont want to tank but i dont want to be a rogue so i wanted to dps a warrior and i know about berserk stance but what things should i focus on like some rogues focus on agility bonuses and stamina and what talent tree would fit dps warriors best

Thanks ahead of time for helping me

wow answers:

Warriors are NOT good at DPS. You can try and build up your agility as much as you can, but face it…you’re a walking death machine for face-to-face combat.

If you want DPS, be either a rogue or a ‘caster…..

John asks…

What class should I make in wow?

I play world of warcraft and I want to make a worgen. I don’t know what class to make it though Im stuck between warrior and priest. Which one is better and why? And It would be nice to know what talent tree to go on

wow answers:

I haven’t had issues with my shadow priest. Can usually pull 3-4 mobs, putting DoTs on all of them, and shielding myself. Usually they’re dead by the time they reach me.

There isn’t a “better” class though. It’s really all on what you want to play. Do you want to tank, dps or heal? Warriors – Tank / DPS, Priests – Heal / DPS.

I enjoy tanking on my warrior though. I can usually pull multiple mobs and down them without dying. Especially with abilities like victory rush. I’ve never really DPS’d on her though, so I can’t really comment on how they are in that department.

For a priest, healing is a bit meh. So that may be what the person above me was talking about. But DPSing as a shadow priest is not bad at all. I can’t grab as many mobs as my warrior, but can still multi-target dps a few down.

My guess, go Prot as a warrior or shadow as a priest. But like I said, I’ve never DPS’d as a warrior but I have seen many do competitive dps in dungeons.

Richard asks…

Does anyone think with the new WoW expansion is going to overpower warriors?

I was looking at the new talent trees and I was noticing that they are going to have ways to regen energy fast and stun for 4 seconds and 2 seconds. If you can chain those you can kill anyone pretty quickly with two warriors on top of the stunning abilities they have already.

wow answers:

To be honest, looking at every class’s new talents and skills individually, the initial reaction is “wow that class is gonna be op.” but if you take into account the fact that every class is getting major buffs, hopefully it will all balance in the end ^^

Sandra asks…

Best way to level in WoW?

I have a 64 warrior and ill just be honest he is not fun to play. It take forever to kill someone and takes up my health I want to ReSpec but i odnt want to make 1 on my own because im new. Can someone give me a good Talent Tree for leveling for Fury or

wow answers:

WoW is for losers! Keep living in your fantasy world of make believe w/ unicorns and little elves that wear funny little hats! La la la!

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